Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Visit to South Haven Michigan

Dale and I took a weekend trip to the west coast of Michigan. South Haven is on Lake Michigan. A good friend suggested the location and many places to visit while there.
These are the places we went
Lodging- Sand Castle Inn
Such a nice little place. The service was great. Fresh baked cookies before bed was the best treat!

Dinner- Thirsty Perch
Dale had a filet and I enjoyed a bucket of perch. The perch was so good, I wonder where they got the name for their place. ;)

Dinner- Tellos

Dale had
Penne con porcini
Porcini mushrooms, beef tenderloin, roasted tomato
caramelized onions, crumbled gorgonzola.

I had
Tartufi del porco
Pork tenderloin seared with black truffles,
butter and fresh parsley

I have never had truffles before. I was amazed how much flavor were in those things!

Breakfast- Phoenix Street Cafe
This place had the fanciest menu for a breakfast place I have ever seen.
Dale had a breakfast burrito that was topped with fresh guacamole. I had an omlette with havarti, tomato and fresh avocado. So tasty. I don't think I have had avocado for breakfast before.

We had a very nice visit. I love Michigan, we get a bad rap, but there is so much beauty in our state it is nice to get out at see it every now and again.

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Joelen said...

Great post and reviews...as well as a beautiful sunset!