Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fresh from my Garden

The first garden items we have had was the fresh basil. We planted classic basil which took off like a tree. We also planted some sweet basil which has much smaller leaves. Our tomatoes have just started to take off. We planted a few varieties. Classic red, cherry, yellow grape and a medium size that is yellow and green striped. We have been munching on the small ones for a couple weeks, just a few handfuls total. Today we have the first yellow and green one and I picked my first zucchini. In the next few weeks we will be overun with tomatoes and zucchini. I will be busy making sauces! I sliced up some of the tomato and sprinkled with some of the sweet basil and a little salt. These yellow and green ones are so sweet and juicy. I just love them!

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