Tuesday, August 7, 2007

About the new house

We decided to buy a house that is new construction. The house was built up to the point of drywall and then the original buyers backed out. So the design of the house was set, but all the interior options were ours to make. The builder made it easier for us by having limited choices. I liked it better this way. I couldn't imagine making every decision from scratch.
We decided to buy a new bedroom set and a dining room table. Any other needed furniture will be down the road. The bedroom set is pictured below.
We close on 8/15. I am getting super excited. Most of the major things are complete (plumbing, counters, cabinets, floors). We are getting carpet tomorrow. Tonight we do the walk through with the builder.
Now it is time to get some landscaping done. I am getting some quotes this week.

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Laura said...

Beautiful bedroom set! I bet you can't *wait* for the 15th...so exciting!